Sinsheimer Labs Greenhouses


The Sinsheimer Labs rooftop greenhouse facility was built in 1990, and is used exclusively for research purposes. This facility is not open to public visitors.

The headhouse has sinks, counter space, storage for lab supplies, a microscope, and a light meter available for use upon request.

There are three greenhouses, measuring roughly 20 x 30 feet each. These greenhouses are computer controlled to provide consistent, reliable environments for optimal plant growth. All three greenhouses are outfitted with 1000W metal halide HID lighting for experiments requiring extended day lengths or supplementary light. One of these is rated as a level 2 containment greenhouse, and has an attached autoclave room to facilitate the disposal of transgenic plants, decontaminate soils, etc.

Plant growth chambers are available for research requiring specific environmental conditions. The Sinsheimer location has:

  • 6 Conviron E-15 Growth Chambers with extended height
  • 4 Percival I-35LLVL incubators

Some of these machines have an emergency power supply in the event of power failures. Check with Greenhouse staff if your project requires emergency power.

For research requiring ambient weather conditions, the rooftop features a 1000 sq ft outdoor growing area, with moveable benches and retractable shade cloth. 

The weather station monitors local conditions and allows us to maintain records for many years. This has proven useful for research papers requiring such data for the duration of experiments.