Work Opportunities for Students

We hire students with work-study just as the fall quarter begins and students without work-study near the end of the spring quarter. This greenhouse assistant position involves plant care and facility maintenance. Students may access the job postings through the Career Center online or by stopping by the Hahn Student Services building.


Volunteer positions are available. Students are encouraged to stop by the Thimann greenhouses or contact Jim Velzy at (831) 459-2454 or email jhvelzy@ucsc.edu, to discuss volunteer possibilities. We request that volunteers commit to a weekly schedule at a specified time that is compatible with their class schedule. We prefer a minimum of two hours per week for a full quarter. We appreciate enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to work and want to learn about plants and their care.

In the past, volunteers have undertaken activities such as propagating, transplanting and dividing plants for restoration projects or to maintain the greenhouse collection. Restoration projects are sponsored by the UCSC Greenhouses, the UCSC Natural Reserves and the UCSC Site Stewardship Program. Visit the UCSC Greenhouses Restoration page for more information. Other volunteer projects include propagating orchids, caring for carnivorous plants or working on systematic botany projects.

Internships, Independent Studies and Independent Research

Students interested in a particular topic can, with the help of the Biology Advising Office or the Environmental Studies Internship Office, be directed to appropriate faculty members who will be able to guild them in their research pursuit. UCSC is an outstanding university in that it promotes undergraduate participation in many research areas. This enables a student interested in a particular area to contribute to research in that area. It also gives an undergraduate student lab experience and exposes them to groups that are dealing with many cutting edge topics related to the student’s interests. This experience can be used to complete the one-quarter internship/independent research requirement of the Plant Science Major. There are a wide variety of projects relating to plant sciences currently being researched at our facility. Please see our web site that lists researchers associated with plant sciences to get an idea of who is working in your area of interest. Visit the websites of these faculty to find out more about what makes them tick.