Interdisciplinary Sciences Building Greenhouses


The ISB rooftop greenhouses opened in 2003. These five 10'x 20' greenhouses are used mainly by the faculty, researchers and students of the Environmental Studies Department. Access to these greenhouses is restricted to authorized individuals. As with our other greenhouses these have computer controlled environments, HID lighting (1000W metal halide lamps), deionized water and compressed air. Greenhouse #4 has been outfitted with air conditioning units instead of a swamp cooler, so that CO2 levels can be controlled with dosing equipment.

A user-friendly headhouse is attached to two of the greenhouses. This is ideal for setting up experiments and collecting data. Equipment available (by request) for use at this location include a soil sterilizer, a light meter, and a dissecting microscope. 

There are two Conviron E-15 Growth Chambers (one with a CO2 supplementation option), a Percival I36LLVL Incubator, and a Percival E-36L growth chamber.