The Coastal Biology Greenhouses


The Coastal Biology Greenhouses at the Coastal Science Campus came online in 2018. This facility is located three miles from the main UCSC campus, and primarily serves plant researchers within the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department and the UC Natural Reserves. Access to these greenhouses is not open to the public.

The 6 greenhouses at this location have the latest Argus environmental controls, HID lighting, and retractable shade. 5 of these greenhouses measure 20’ x 30’ and one is 40’ x 30’. This facility also has a 1,200 sq ft outdoor growing space for projects requiring ambient coastal conditions.  The 2,800 sq ft headhouse includes six Conviron PGR-15 Growth Chambers and four Percival I36VLXC8 Incubators for conducting research requiring specific environmental conditions. Other amenities on site are DI/RO water, an autoclave, light meter, dissecting scope with image capture, balance, Oregon Seed Blower, Seedburo Seed Counter, and more!