Recharge Rates


The UCSC Greenhouses are a recharge facility. Campus affiliated researchers can use these rates to estimate their monthly fees. External researchers who wish to use our facilities can inquire with the Greenhouse Director for availability and to view our External Non-Profit or For-Profit rate schedule.

Indoor (Greenhouse) per bench*/month 15.00
Outdoor area per bench*/month 5.00
Growth Chamber per month 65.00
Incubator per month 35.00
Cleaning fee per hour 20.00
Transplanting per hour 20.00
Watering (beyond standard care) per hour 20.00
Materials fee (beyond standard supply) at cost
Delivery fee per hour plus actual mileage cost 57.00

*Greenhouse benches measure 3'x8'. One bench holds roughly 75 one gallon containers (pot to pot), or half that many if spaced out.