UCSC Plant Sciences began with the opening of the campus. Listed below are faculty whose research heavily utilizes the UCSC Greenhouse facility for plant related studies and our emeritus faculty with distinction in the plant science field. Many other faculty use the UCSC Greenhouses for research as it is not restricted to plant science topics but is a facility open to all research on campus.


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Laurel Fox-Terrestrial population and community ecology, plant-animal interactions
  • Kathleen Kay -Evolutionary botany, plant adaptation and speciation
  • Ingrid Parker-Plant ecology, pollination, plant-pathogen interactions, biological invasions
  • Jarmil Pittermann-Plant physiology, plant morphology and physiological variation
  • John Thompson-Coevolution, evolutionary ecology and genetics of species interactions

Environmental Studies

  • Weixin Cheng - Soil ecology, agroecology, biogeochemistry, global change ecology
  • Greg Gilbert - Disease ecology, conservation biology, tropical forest ecology, microbial ecology
  • Steve Gliessman - Agroecology, sustainable agriculture, natural history, ecology and management of California vegetation
  • Karen Holl - Restoration ecology, conservation biology
  • Debra Letourneau - Insect-plant interactions, biological control as an alternative to chemical pesticides, tropical biology, agroecology
  • Michael Loik - Plant responses to environmental stress, implications of global environmental change, biogeography
  • Carol Shennan - Agroecology, agriculture-wetland interactions, ecosystem studies,
  • Erica Zavaleta - Plant ecology, pollination, plant-pathogen interactions, biological invasions

Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (MCD)

  • Bob Ludwig - Biochemistry and molecular biology, biological nitrogen fixation, Arabidopsis (plant) growth and development