RESEARCH GREENHOUSES: Recharge Rates, Space Requests & Supplies


UCSC Greenhouses will begin a recharge system 7/1/2019.

Greenhouse benches are 3'x8' (one bench holds 75 one gallon containers, pot to pot, half that many spaced out)

Indoor (Greenhouse) per bench/month 15.00
Outdoor area per bench/month 5.00
Indoor External for profit bench rate = base x 17 255.00
Outdoor External for profit bench rate = base x 17 85.00
Growth Chamber per month 65.00
Incubator per month 35.00
Cleaning fee per hour 18.00
Transplanting per hour 18.00
Watering (beyond standard care) per hour 18.00
Materials fee (beyond standard supply) at cost
Delivery fee per hour plus actual mileage cost 57.00


In order to use any space in greenhouses or environmental chambers, you must submit a Space Request form. Before beginning an experiment this form must be completed. Please share this doc with Jim Velzy and Sylvie Childress. This is a google doc you will be able to access throughout your experiement. You will need to meet with the research staff to discuss your experiment and clarify your goals and needs before setting up your project in the facility. In addition please be familiar with the Information for Researchers which outlines greenhouse staff responsibilities as well as researcher requirements.

If you are a student and need support to cover greenhouse use recharges please go to the following link and fill out the UCSC Greenhouse Student Award Application.

Other files that you may find helpful are listed below:


Fertilizer Information

Soil Information

Supplies Available for Use 


  • 2.5" square Kord
  • 3.5" square Kord
  • 4" round Kord
  • 10" square flats (without holes)
  • 10" square clear dome lids
  • 10"x20" rectangular flats (with holes)
  • 10"x20" rectangular flats (without holes)
  • 10"x20" rectangular clear dome lids
  • 10"x20" rectangular clear dome lids (with vents)
  • 1 gal. Containers
  • 2 gal. Containers
  • Conetainer racks-assorted sizes
  • Conetainers-assorted sizes
  • Plug trays- assorted sizes
  • Conetainers from Stuewe and Sons

Soil Amendments:

  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite-coarse and fine
  • Peat moss-Canadian sphagnum

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